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0008629TestLinkDatabase Generalpublic2019-04-11 07:002020-01-02 16:04
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1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
Postgres v10.5
0008629: Multiple testlink instances configured to the same DB

He are having performance issues with our current testlink instalation. We think that the issue is that there are too many users using the tool at the same time and the QoS degradates. We were thinking on dockerizing the front and configuring all the containers to use the same DB. We would like to confirm if this approach is valid and we will not have a corrupted db in a near future or at least confirm with you experts that it is worth a try

Thank you very much
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gz gettprojectnodes.php.gz (2,419) 2019-04-16 18:08
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2019-04-11 20:59   
never done.
How many users are using concurrently testlink?
before doing nothing, it will be important to get some performance data, to understand if your proposed solution is not going to be just wasted time.

2019-04-12 09:33   
We are around 20 people using it. What we have observed is, for example, that test suites takes a few seconds to be displayed whereas when we installed it was almost immediate.

As you suggest, we will install first a performance probe and check for bottlenecks. It doesn't look like insufficient hardware, CPU never reaches 10% usage and free mem is quite high. DB is running in another physical instance with plenty of resources too

2019-04-12 09:49   
20 users are not a lot.

You can give a look to ticket note [^]

and may be contact user, because he said it has 2500 users.

It's possible for you to share your db with me to try to do some tests?

2019-04-15 13:46   
Hi again!

We have installed new relic probe and obtained some performance metrics. Maybe these are within "standard" performance, but people complains about the time that takes to navigate the testcases tree. Just to clarify, the application is perfectly usable right now, but QAs report that the response times are increasing as more people is registered in it and I'm worried that in the long term this will be an issue. I can give you access to the performance portal if you like as we don't have anything else there, anyway here are some screenshots: [^] [^] [^] [^] [^]

About sharing the DB I will ask but I don't think it's possible as we have some sensitive data there
2019-04-15 18:18   
after given a look to some of your pictures, I'm going to a refactoring and provide it to you for testing.
2019-04-16 18:08   
please save your current file gettprojectnodes.php, and try with attached .
I've removed use of testproject object and I think this is going to help, according what I've seen in [^]

please provide feedback
2019-04-23 09:09   
Installed, so far it looks better but these days were holidays, I'll keep you updated, thanks
2019-05-03 10:11   
Hello again,

Most of the users report that the application performs better with this change. Nobody has reported any side-effect problem

Thank you very much for your help!