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0008611: [For partial Test execution] Execution status of test steps is not retained on changing menu/logout

I am currently using 1.9.17 (Alan Turing). I am not sure whether its a bug or request for new feature.

During test steps execution (I still not finished whole TC execution), If I logout (or) move to another test case (or) go to another section, the execution status of test steps are not retained. The status is blank, when we come back to execute the same test case.

Go to execute tests section.

1) Click on the test case to be executed.
2) Change the execution status to any value from the drop down
3) Move to another test case (or) move to another menu (or) logout.
4) Come back to the test case (TC step 1).
5) The status changed in step 2 is not retained.

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2019-03-29 12:39   
1.9.17 does not have partial execution.
where do you have read about this feature available for 1.9.17?