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0008609TestLinkTest Execute - Issue at Step Levelpublic2019-03-27 11:502019-04-02 20:34
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1.9.17 (2018 Q1) 
0008609: Unable to attach files at test step level during test execution

I have TestLink version 1.9.17 (Alan Turing) currently (upgraded from 1.9.16 to 1.9.17)

The problem is during test execution. Attachments that were attached at test step level are not displayed in the test reports & execution history (through test steps exec button).

This functionality was working in the version 1.9.16.

During test execution (I have 2 test steps in my test case).
1) Change 'Execution Status' as "Passed" for the step 1.
2) Click on the button "Browse" under the step 1 & upload the file.
3) Change 'Execution Status' as "Passed" for the step 2.
4) Click on the button "Browse" under the step 2 & upload the file.
5) I made whole test case as "Passed"
6) When I click on the button "Test steps exec (print view).

Attachments that were attached at test steps are not displayed.

PFA attached document for snapshots taken for capturing the problem.
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docx TestSteps_Attachments_issue_1.9.17.docx (148,392) 2019-03-27 11:50
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2019-03-27 14:17   
(edited on: 2019-03-27 14:19)
please get latest stable code, do fresh install, retest & provide feedback

please do not provide a wrong summary, because you said you can not attach, but what happens is that you do not get the images on reports, and this is a completely different thing

2019-03-27 14:31   
Thank for your response. Sorry, I agree the summary was not inline with description.

In "", [^] it is displayed that 1.9.17 is stable version. May I know which version is stable & link to the stable code.

Thanks again.
2019-03-27 16:09   
- sourceforge search for testlink
- bitnami search for testlink
2019-04-02 20:34   
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