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0008607TestLinkLocalizationpublic2019-03-26 06:362019-03-26 06:36
1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
0008607: Obsolete Code which generates Logger warnings
In file "linkto.php" in main folder there is a function called "process_testsuite".
There are two lines (407 - 408) which are obsolete:
  $ret['url'] = null;
  $ret['msg'] = sprintf(lang_get('testsuite_not_found'), $tsuiteID, $tprojectPrefix);

Line 408 generates a PHP logger warning because the string "testsuite_not_found" is not defined in locale/en_GB/strings.txt file. But the string is not used anywhere else.
Furthermore the two array values are overwritten in lines 411 - 414 anyway and can therefore be deleted.
Delete lines 407 and 408 of linkto.php file in order to solve the issue.
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