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0008586TestLinkGUIpublic2019-03-05 10:252019-03-06 14:16
1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
1.9.20 Raijing DEV 
MySQL 5.7
Firefox, Chrome
0008586: Save button not visible
Hi, I've seen previous error messages, but my situation is a bit different.

I created a public project.
Created a public test plan.
In general, I did not use anything private.
Created a test
Created test steps

I need to note in each step whether it was executed or there was an error and then save the test.
But as you can see, there are no specific save buttons, there are only buttons related to the entire test.
I watched the video recording of previous versions of Testlink where this button is displayed.

Tried on two localizations: RU and ENG

On two roles: tester and admin
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2019-03-05 10:51   
+I will add that this is the first clean install.
2019-03-05 15:04   
TestLink version <= 1.9.19 does not allow to save step exec but only whole test case exec result
2019-03-05 15:04   
not an issue but feature
2019-03-06 11:42   
It is a pity, There is a need to perform one test by two people and save and not complete the test after completing their part of the first tester.
2019-03-06 13:40   
Have you ever check if the feature is planned in a different version?
What I can du with your " it's a pitty" without any kind of clear requirement? => NOTHING.

I'm sorry if I'm rude but before rising issues for thinngs that never have existed it will be better if you try to play with the product and use the forum to ask questions to the user community.
And if you need a feature you take the time to right a requirement.
Ans still better you do some searches in this tool (Mantis) before writting a new request.
2019-03-06 14:16   
I just expressed my opinion - a little regret.
Of course, this is not a global problem and it can be circumvented.

Anyway, thanks for the "testlink"