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0008549TestLinkAvailable Fixespublic2019-01-22 17:552020-01-19 16:14
1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
0008549: Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.19 & How To get full fixed package from GitHub
Repository on GitHub

Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.19

This is intended to be a recap of things that will be available on NEXT STABLE RELEASE

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Get the latest package with all fixes AND FEATURES from GitHub, using wget
wget [^] [^]

Get the latest package ONLY WITH FIXES for 1.9.19 GitHub, using wget
wget[^] [^]

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parent of 0008556resolved fman ''DB Access Error'', when clicked on "Test Suite Document (HTML) on New Window'' 
parent of 0008562resolved fman MySQL 8 Syntax Changes blocks installation 
parent of 0008594resolved fman Possibility to add a link to existent ISSUE to latest execution (Any Build) 
parent of 0008599resolved fman Allow file attachment at same time exec result is saved 
parent of 0008602resolved fman Test Case Version Relations not displayed on Test Case Version Execution Feature 
parent of 0008606resolved fman Test Suite Import - skip test case if name is empty 
parent of 0008640resolved fman Huge SQL expression used to filter test cases without keywords 
parent of 0008555resolved fman Error while Saving a Edited Test Suite 
parent of 0008645resolved fman I want to automatically insert summary, precondition, step, expected result contents into Bug Description 
parent of 0008655resolved fman new right to allow add/remove keywords from executed test case versions 
parent of 0008665resolved fman Get Warning about the existence of a newer version (Version > N) when trying to execute Version N 
parent of 0008673resolved fman https google oauth fails to login due to mismatch in redirect_uri 
parent of 0008674resolved fman Configuration option to exclude use of UDFStripHTMLTags() 
parent of 0008660resolved fman API-XMLRPC - PHP Fatal error, when calling getTestCaseAttachments with unknown testcaseid 
parent of 0008658assigned fman API-XMLRPC - getTestCaseAttachments returns no attachment, uploaded with uploadTestCaseAttachment 
parent of 0008681resolved fman [tlInlineImage] ghost string not working in requirement display 
parent of 0008678resolved fman ERROR ON exec_query() when creating new test project from existing test project 
parent of 0008682resolved fman Drag N' Drop of requirements is not persisted 
parent of 0008676resolved fman Possibility to use platforms during test case specification phase. 
parent of 0008667resolved fman Possibility to use several different logic to compute test case exec status counters (present on tree) 
parent of 0008693resolved fman postgresql db installation reports syntax error in testlink_create_udf0.sql - none standard comment sign 
parent of 0008692resolved fman (github code) - corrupt platform sql queries blocks gui with DB Access Error 
parent of 0008712new  User Contribution - kaiten integration 
parent of 0008741resolved fman Not able to add Bug from Testlink to JIRA 
parent of 0008754resolved fman Warning in event "E_NOTICE Undefined variable: whereAdd" 
parent of 0008757resolved fman API - XMLRPC -Unable to update test case name with long UTF-8 string 
parent of 0008834resolved fman events for requirements missing 
parent of 0008670resolved fman Full text search - DB Access Error - Data too long for column 'Dirty' 
parent of 0008835resolved fman Change password encryption method for DB managed password 
parent of 0008792resolved fman Tl 1.9.20 (dev) >> Requirement overview >> Custom field content displayed in wrong column 
parent of 0008786resolved fman Import / export Requirements attachments in xml does not work 
parent of 0008779resolved fman User password storage method (MD5) is weak 
parent of 0008838resolved fman Provide message to ask tester to read test suite contents when executing test cases 
parent of 0008837resolved fman By default show 'first' project 
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