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0008535TestLinkTest Plan - Add/Remove Test Casespublic2019-01-10 11:052019-04-02 20:41
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1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
0008535: Unable to add or remove testcases
In a test project with around 630 testcases organized in 80 test suites, iam unable to add or remove testcases to a testplan with the "Show Full (on right pane)" view (same issue with "save order").
- Make a bunch of testcases in many testsuites
- Create a testplan
- Select "Add / Remove Test Cases"
- Click on "Show Full (on right pane)"
- Select some testcases to add
- Click on "Add selected"
- Verify testcases are added (should be displayed yellow in the pane)
As workaround it is possible to select single Testsuites from tree and then add or remove testcases from testplan.
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Please get latest code from github, do fresh install , retest and provide feedback
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