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0008477TestLinkGeneralpublic2018-11-15 15:542018-11-24 09:58
WinWindows 10
1.9.18 (2018 Q3) 
1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
0008477: TestLink are not setting headers because of problem with translation loading
Hello everyone,

I found a problem with TestLink that is problematic for Polish users.
If you'll set Polish language as main it will cause that TestLink will be unable to send in response any proper header back to server.

It happening because file with Polish translation \locale\pl_PL\strings.txt is saved incorrectly as UTF-8 with BOM (should be UTF-8 without BOM) witch causing problem for method require() to parse it properly. It is parsed without any error but that BOM from settings.txt causing output to be polluted.

Because of that method header() not working at all, because it have to be called before anything else, witch causing more problems.
1. Install TestLink
2. Change language to Polish (pl_PL)
3. Add any file as attachment
4. Try to download it in Chrome

it will cause flushing a file into browser window because header is set to text/html.
Any header added in lib\attachments\attachmentdownload.php is ignored.
Please remove BOM from polish translation file in next release.
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txt strings.txt (190,559) 2018-11-19 13:24
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2018-11-17 08:31   
would you mind to provide the file with right coding ?
2018-11-19 13:25   
Here you go. File is from official 1.9.18 version with correct encoding.
2018-11-24 09:03 [^]