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0008326TestLinkTest Plan Managementpublic2018-07-09 08:022018-07-09 09:49
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1.9.17 (2018 Q1) 
0008326: Default Role for Test Plans
In Test Plan Management it should be possible to set the . "default role" for the test plan.
Currently, the global user role for each Testlink user is inherited to every test plan until it is changed manually for each individual user.

However, this is time-consuming, especially if new users are created.
The admins always have to grant special test plan user roles to the new user.

If it was possible to setup a default role for each test plan with standard value "inherited" which inherits the rights from global user role (= equal to current behavior), this would save a lot of administration time, especially if there are many test plans in the database.
This would also make it possible that users don't generally get too many rights on all projects.
- Go to "Test Plan Management"
- Select your test plan
- there is no option to set the "default role" for the test plan.
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