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Neha Doda 
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0008252: Code Tracket Management feature of TestLink version 1.9.17 - SVN available?
How to configure Code Tracker in TestLink v1.9.17.
Not found any related document.

What code trackers are supported in TestLink v1.0.17.
I want to use SVN for the same. If it is possible let me know how I can configure the same.

PFA the circled position for your reference.
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This is a user contribution and there is no documentation available (unfortunately), is

bitbucket (previously known as Stash)

There are no plan for new integrations, but any contribution is welcomed

2018-11-19 06:38   
@Neha Doda: This feature was implemented by myself in order to physically link the test cases in Testlink to the corresponding test scripts in Bitbucket (Stash) for traceability reasons.
Furthermore, in my case this link, again, is then used with a plugin which I wrote, to execute the test scripts directly on a host or target machine. The scripts are retrieved from Bitbucket and copied to the host/target. They are executed then, and afterwards the results are pushed back to Testlink via XMLRPC API.

This procedure has the huge benefit that it allows a fully automated test execution, e.g. for "Continuous Integration" purposes with Jenkins.

It is, of course, also possible to integrate SVN as well. However, since I don't use SVN personally, I haven't had the need to implement this, yet.
All that is needed, is an API to communicate with. Bitbucket, for example, offers a REST API.