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0008228TestLinkPerformancepublic2018-03-28 06:582018-10-06 15:41
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WindowsWindows 8
1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
0008228: Test Execution is taking 15 seconds to open the test case
Hi Dev team, During 2017, We have implemented Test link for organizing test management activities in our organization. However, currently we are facing a severe challenge in terms of performance degradation during the test execution activity. We have around 1500 odd test cases part of the Test Plan and assigned across 7 team members. During the test execution activity for our team members to either OPEN a test case or MOVE to a next text case, it is anywhere taking around 15 SECONDS which is quite challenging. Hence would request you to suggest any workaround that can be done in order to minimize this time at least to an acceptable between 3-7 seconds.

In terms of the configurations, we have allocated 8GB of RAM and with full team usage it is consuming close to 3GB of RAM for all the System resources, SQL and the TestLink.
1) Assign Testcases to the TestPlan
2) Open the TestCase for Execution
3) Move to Next Testcase staying on the current testcase

In both step 2 and step 3 it is taking anywhere around 15 seconds with 1500 test cases part of the test plan for test execution.
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Hi Fman, could you please address the challenge/suggest a solution/workaround for the performance issue that we have been facing while test execution. This performance fix would greatly help us to stick on our test execution timelines. Thanks in advance.
2018-04-03 15:11   
Please first thing to be clear is:
1)issue was open less than a week before
2) I provide BEST EFFORT support then no ETA is provided
3) If you need better support your option is to buy it
4) Anyway more data is needed in order to be able to provide a solution, best option will be that you provide me a DUMP of your db (if you are using MYSQL or POSTGRES).

2018-05-12 07:38   
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