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0008194TestLinkTest Executepublic2018-02-07 20:352018-02-10 08:59
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1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
0008194: Test case verdicts should be managed like custom fields, per project
When different teams are working in TestLink, sometimes they ask for the creation of a new test case verdict, for ex. "conditional pass" or "Pass with limitations". But those verdicts are only needed for one particular team depending on their process/way of working.

If new test case verdicts are added in TestLink, they are visible for all the projects created in TestLink. This could lead to confusion for the other teams working in TestLink when they are going to execute test cases.

Feature Request:
The possibility to define verdicts in TestLink similar to the custom fields.
Default values are provided (Passed, failed, blocked, inconclusive) and we can create new ones with "Create" button.
Then we assign verdicts per project (as we assign custom fields per project)

This way, each project or each team working in TestLink, could have their own definition of test case verdicts, without interfering with other projects and other teams.

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2018-02-10 08:59   
1) veredict is not a testlink term, please use correct one => test execution status

2) feel free to provide the implementation as contribution to testlink, I will review code.
probably the approach will be create a new table testproject_teststatus, with all needed config pages.

It's clear that some impacts on report will exist.