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0008122TestLinkPerformancepublic2017-10-30 03:202017-10-30 21:15
macOS X10.10.5
1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
0008122: when a test project is over 1000 test cases, It took about 6 seconds to display the page of exeuting case
My testlink is 1.9.17. Testlink code and testlink database deploy in differrent sever.
I have set as follows:

 $tlCfg->gui->round_corners->exec_history = DISABLED;
 $tlCfg->gui->round_corners->tc_title = DISABLED;
 $tlCfg->gui->round_corners->tc_spec = DISABLED;

$g_use_ext_js_library = ENABLED;
 $tlCfg->treemenu_type = 'EXTJS';

However the perfmance is not improved. Any solution to improve the performance? especially the page of adding test cases and the page of executing the test cases

The upload file is the time I tested of dislaying some page. I think it takes over 3 seconds to display a page is too slow.

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png time-statistics.png (42,203) 2017-10-30 03:20
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in order to do any kind of test a db similar to yours is needed.
having 1000 test cases on a single test suite is not a good ided