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0008084TestLinkUser Interface Customizationpublic2017-09-21 14:062017-09-22 06:50
Virtual MachineLinuxCentOS 7.3
1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
MySQL (irrelevant)
Internet Explorer 11
0008084: att_model doesn't show the Title input box
Setting tlCfg->exec_cfg->att_model = $att_model_m1 shows the button but not the input box for the file's Title.
1) Set tlCfg->exec_cfg->att_model = $att_model_m1 in
2) Try to attach a file to an execution.
We tried setting tlCfg->exec_cfg->att_model = $att_model_m2 and TestLink correctly hides the icon used to ask for an upload.
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Unfortunately detailed steps to reproduce are not clear (at least for me)
2017-09-22 06:50   
Thank you for such very fast answer, fman.

I'm sorry not to have been clear. I'll try to improve the steps to reproduce:

1) Set tlCfg->exec_cfg->att_model = $att_model_m1 in
2) Execute a test case or take an executed testcase.
3) The test case execution history shows a list of executions.
4) If tlCfg->exec_cfg->att_model is set to $att_model_m1, a blue folder icon is shown in each execution (see screenshots).
5) Clicking on the blue folder icon pops up a dialog box for uploading a file and attach it to the execution.
6) That dialog box used to show an input box prompted "Title" that let the user write a text to tag the file. See screenshot "Lobizon 1.9.8.png".
7) In TestLink 1.9.16 this dialog box doesn't show that input box, so the only identification shown for the recently uploaded files is the filename. See screenshot "1.9.16.png".

Other experiments:

We've tried the other provided strategy ($att_model_m2) and it correcly hides the blue folder icon.

Looking into cfg/ (untouched installed file) for typos/mistypes in the definition of the strategy data structures $att_model_m1 and $att_model_m2 have the opposite values and they are correctly typed, so from my ignorance it seems to me they are correct.