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0008081TestLinkGUIpublic2017-09-19 20:022017-09-20 08:38
WindowsWindows Server 2012 R26.3.9600
1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
IE, Edge, Firefox & Chrome
PHP 7.1.2
0008081: Test Cases created per User displays calendar to the left
When picking dates for the Test Cases Created Per User function, the calendar is displayed to the left, under the User field and not under the Start Time and End Time fields
1. Desktop
2. Fill out the Form for User, Start Time & End Time.
3. Noticed that when picking a date for Start Time & End Time, the calendar pops out under the User field
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png Test_Cases_Created_Per_User.png (36,396) 2017-09-19 20:02
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