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0008076TestLinkExport/Importpublic2017-09-14 07:482017-09-14 07:48
Linux on Virtual MachineLinux (Red Hat family)RH5, CentOS 7.3
1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
MySQL, but most probably irrelevant.
Mozilla's FireFox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Most probably irrelevant.
5.4 with TestLink 1.9.8 and 7.0 with TestLink 1.9.16.
0008076: Wrong charset in export of custom fields
Exporting the custom fields in UTF-8 machines results in an ISO-nnnn-n declared XML file.

When the file is imported back into TestLink, non-ASCII characters (spanish tilded vocals, etc) are imported back incorrectly.
1) Create a custom field named with non-ASCII characters (tilded vocals in our case).
2) Export custom fields.
3) Import the exported custom fields.

The non-ASCII characters are retrived incorrectly with other characters replacing the non-ASCII ones.
The original custom fields named with non-ASCII characters get a twin (duplicated) with almost the same name but different non-ASCII characters.
This bug affects only export of custom fields:
Export of test cases and other items works well, generating UTF-8 encoded and so declared xml, and thus non-ASCII characters are retrieved correctly.

It only affects plain text fields:
Enriched text (HTML) fields encode these characters like in URLS (tilded A as "Á" a.s.o) and get retrieved correctly at import time.

Since 1.9.8 and still in 1.9.16.
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