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0008048TestLinkDate & Time / Time Zonepublic2017-08-10 09:422017-09-03 09:53
normalminorhave not tried
1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
IE11 , Chrome
0008048: Calendar date picker stuck
the calendar date picker getting stuck on the screen indefinitely for all date pickers and the only way to disappear is to refresh the page or select any date then remove it.
i think the better solution is to click outside date picker to cancel it
issue on version 1.9.17 as well
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Just tested with latest code from github, using Mamp Pro (PHP 7.1.6) on OSX, using firefox 54 => no issue
Same with Chrome 60

please check with Developer Tools console to understand if there is some JS error/warning related to picker

2017-09-03 09:53   
i got the latest code from github and tried with (PHP 7.1.8) on wampserver 3.0.9 using Chrome 60 , IE edge and Firefox 55 and still the same.

maybe we need another user to test it , just open the date picker and try to click outside the picker and see if it disappear without selecting a date as mandatory option