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0007941TestLinkUsers and Rightspublic2017-05-18 15:452018-04-14 09:04
1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
1.9.17 (2018 Q1) 
MySql 5.6
0007941: New user redirect not working in firstlogin.php
When a new user is created, testlink does not redirect back to login.php?viewer=new. Instead it continues to attempt to go back to firstLogin.php?viewer=new. We get a 500 error. We have tried to manually change the redirect in the firstlogin.php file but it still does not work. The new user is created, the page just will not redirect
navigate to testlink; click New User; input data; hit sign up.
using Apache2.4.

We just migrated all the way from 1.7.4
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2017-05-18 16:33   
1) please get latest code from github, do fresh install on sandbox, retest & provide feedback
2017-05-18 17:05   
installed newest code and received the same error
2017-05-18 19:02   
Just tested with latest code form github, unable to reproduce.
Please check that all your users with role admin have a valid email configured, because there is a function that tries to send mail to all administrator when new user is created, may be this is the reason.
2017-05-19 08:40   
I've encountered this as well.
@fman is correct: It's most probably related to a non-configured or wrongly configured email setup.
I put a "try - catch" around that last line in "firstLogin.php" file (where it calls the email_send() function) to avoid that error.
Now it's working for me.
2017-05-19 13:05   
Hey Hughkay

I am not familiar with php at all (or any coding for that matter), so I am unsure what you mean by try-catch. I did however comment out that last line and it seemed to solve the issue

//@email_send(config_get('from_email'), $mail['to'], $mail['subject'], $mail['body']);
2017-05-19 13:09   
You can also try the following code:

try {
  @email_send(config_get('from_email'), $mail['to'], $mail['subject'], $mail['body']);
} catch (Exception $e) {
2017-05-19 15:58   
looks like we have the issue resolved. Business users were fine with commenting out the last line, not worried about getting the email alert about a new user. we only have a small amount of users in testlink so its controlled well. thanks for the help!
2017-06-17 17:36 [^]
2018-04-14 09:04   
release 1.9.17