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0007929TestLinkBug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationpublic2017-04-26 09:372018-04-14 09:04
1.9.16 (2016 Q4) 
1.9.17 (2018 Q1) 
0007929: Create issue from testlink use wrong username: integration user instead current user
We upgrade testlink from 1.9.4 to 1.9.16.
And find this issue:
When create a bug from testlink, reporter/note added user is not the current user.
I checked the changelog and find an issue discussed before:


We got the same problem now.
Create issue or add note from the test exec page ---- snap1.png

Actual Result:

Expect Result:
Use current user to report bug/add note.
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related to 0007757closed fman Jira issues updated with Jira integration user instead of the actual testlink user 
related to 0006513closed fman Create Issue via REST API - reporter will be set to TestLink Logged user 
has duplicate 0007950closed fman The Jira issues updated with Jira integration User name instead of the actual testlink user name 
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2017-04-26 12:14   
details about user config on JIRA and testlink are needed.
Have you tried with our test installation of JIRA on Cloud?
2017-04-27 01:40   
Add snap3.png to provide testlink config.
For jira config, I am not sure which info should provide. Would you describe more clear?
Jira version: Atlassian JIRA Project Management Software (v7.1.9#71013-sha1:1aa0586)
2017-04-27 01:42   
I will tried the cloud JIRA and get back soon.
2017-04-27 02:46   
I tried to use my own atlassian ID to log in to
Receive hint showed in snap4.png.
2017-04-27 04:50   
(edited on: 2017-04-27 05:00)
you can not use your atlassian login because is not configured.
I'm going to add it

>> For jira config, I am not sure which info should provide. Would you describe more clear?
excuse me, if you do not understand how to configure, how you are testing this ?

Please provide minimum detail of how users have been configured on testlink and on jira

2017-05-01 07:36   
We use a third sso system to do all the system(testlink, mantis, jira, svn, etc.) authoration. So I may not try your cloud jira.

I am not the administrator of Jira. So I don't know the exact config.
And I don't think there's anything special.
It just work fine before we upgrade from 1.9.4 to 1.9.16.
2017-05-01 09:26   
I'm sorry but this
>>So I may not try your cloud jira.
This is not really true, because if you set a testlink sandbox you can do the test I've indicated

Regarding this
>> I am not the administrator of Jira. So I don't know the exact config.
>> And I don't think there's anything special.
IMHO you need to really check how things are configured.

>> It just work fine before we upgrade from 1.9.4 to 1.9.16.
As explained I can only do tests on my cloud installation, if they are ok, and you are not able to provide detailed information, I'm not able to help.

on related ticket there are several pointers to information, try to give a look to understand if they can provide you help.

Unfortunately I can not do anything else for you.
2017-05-01 09:39 [^]
2017-05-10 14:09   
Hi, we did a lot test today, and here's the result:
1. test jira api, to confirm it could be properly receive and set reporter. --- test pass.
2. check the jira permission config, to confirm tuser(used to connect to jira from testlink) could modify Reporter. ---- test pass
3. modify jirarestinterface.class.php, set reporter to a static value, to confirm if jira issue reporter could be changed by testlink --- test pass

Still working on more test to confirm where is wrong......
2017-05-10 14:26   
Thanks for your update. it seems there is a little glitch when jirarestinterface.class.php receive this info.
hope you will find it

2017-05-16 13:48   
(edited on: 2017-05-16 13:56)
More test:
4. test jira api, to confirm createMeta worked fine --- test pass
5. check if testlink receive json data of createMeta from jira --- test pass

So we guess something wrong when parsing the json data.

Line 464
$ret[$ele->key][$it->id]['fields'][$field->key] = $field->key;

$field->key should be $field->name
line 632
$setReporter = isset($issueFields[$issueType]['reporter']

should be
$setReporter = isset($issueFields[$issueType]['fields']['Reporter']

We changed this and it worked fine now.

2017-05-16 13:50   
We still have another problem:
When add a comment, author could not change to the proper user.
Have not check and analyze yet.
2017-05-16 14:20   
Thanks for your help
2017-05-16 18:31 [^]
2017-05-16 18:39   

>> When add a comment, author could not change to the proper user. [^]
2018-04-14 09:04   
release 1.9.17