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0007873TestLinkNew Featurepublic2017-03-11 11:402018-04-14 09:04
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1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
1.9.17 (2018 Q1) 
0007873: Search on multiple entities (Test Case,Test Suites,Req. Spec,Req) on one shot
A TestLink User of any role would like to find TestCases and Requirements by

a) Simple Mixed Search: providing one ore more words via simple search (default search parameters)
b) Advanced Mixed Searchproviding one ore more words via advanced search, where more search parameters can be specified

Requirements for Simple Mixed Search
- new Input Field (TARGET) in TestLink Menu Bar
- TARGET can be a single word, or multiple words separated by SPACE.
- User will be able to search in two modes:
OR MODE: At least ONE of words on TARGET has to be found, ANDOR as default operator
AND MODE: ALL words present on TARGET have to be found.

- The search is not case sensitive
- Search will be done always in LIKE mode

- Executing search will search in fields
-- TestSuite Title
-- TestSuite Details
-- TestCase ID
-- TestCase Title
-- TestCase Summary
-- TestCase Precondition
-- TestCase Steps
-- TestCase Expected Results
-- Requirement Spec. Title
-- Requirement Spec. Scope
-- Requirement Document ID
-- Requirement Title
-- Requirement Scope
- only search in latest version of testcases and requirements
- Search result is restricted by role rights

Requirements for Advanced Mixed Search
- has the basic characteristics that Simple Mixed Search

- All fields from a) can be selected / deselected to be included / excluded from search (default = selected)
- some options from existing test case search, requirement spec search and requirement search can be used as filter (ONLY in AND)
-- Created by
-- Edited by
-- Creation Date From
-- Creation Date To
-- Modification Date From
-- Modification Date To
-- Keyword(for Testcases and Testsuites)
-- Custom Field (for Testcases and Requirements)
-- Custom Field Value
-- Status (for Requirements)
-- Type ONLY for Requirements
- Search result is restricted by role rights

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