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0007494TestLinkThird party componentspublic2016-03-31 17:452016-03-31 20:01
1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
0007494: Execution Time not being updated when testcases are run in Jenkins
I have testcases being run in Jenkins which has the Testlink plugin. The job on Jenkins is configured to the custom field in Testlink. The custom field are assigned to the project etc. All details like testlink id, status etc are being imported into Testlink but the execution time of the test suite/test cases is not being imported.
   I have even tried creating the CF_EXEC_TIME custom field and adding that to my jenkins job but the execution time is not update.
    The execution_duration in the executions table in the sqldb shows null.
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this is a Jenkis integration issue not a testlink one

CF_EXEC_TIME not used anymore