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0007452TestLinkImport results XML formatpublic2016-02-29 23:322016-09-08 15:12
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1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
1.9.15 (2015 Q4) 
0007452: Import XML results : Import steps results and notes provided in XML file
According to 0006912, steps tags have been added into "Export for Results Import" XML file to allow import of steps results and notes.

Steps tags are present as specified in 0006912 in exported XML since TL 1.9.13, but steps results and notes are not handled by TL through import result (XML) function.

1) Add a testcase TC1 In a testplan TP1,
2) Use "Export for Results Import" function and download XML file
3) Edit XML file to fill information about test execution (result, exec notes, timestamp, steps results, steps notes)
4) Import XML file to update TC execution
5) Look at detailled execution information through "Test steps exec (print view)"

=> Global information about testcase execution has been imported (result, exec notes, timestamp), information about steps ("execution notes" and "execution status") has been lost.
Tested with TL 1.9.14 and with last available Git Hub version

Bug 0006912 point to a "related ticket to allow import" but the related ticket is not linked and I didn't find any ticket about this topic since TL 1.9.12 version.
=> Maybe never opened
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related to 0006912closed fman Export for result import - add tags to allow specify result at step level 
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2016-07-05 16:29   
PR : [^]
2016-07-24 11:55   
Issue should be marked as resolved in TestLink 1.9.15 : PR has been merged.
2016-09-08 15:12   
1.9.15 Released - 2016-09-08