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0007385TestLinkReq Attribute Changes Notificationpublic2015-12-14 16:062020-07-28 07:19
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1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
0007385: Mail Notification on Requirement Status Change
To support the software engineering process, it is needed to notify persons with specfic roles about the change of the state of a requirement.
The implementation is based on a seperate page, which allows the assignment of roles to values of a specifiable custom field of type "list" (see appendix). When the value of the specified field changes, the assigned person will receive an email. The assignments are saved in the database.
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related to 0007386new  Subscription on requirement (Requirement Monitoring) 
related to 0007450assigned fman custom fields assigned to test project - new attribute monitorable 
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2015-12-14 17:31   
1) if you set Category to Contribution Maintained BY USER, this means you are going to provide code for the feature.
Please confirm

2) Please attach images only with text in ENGLISH (your screenshot will be deleted)
2015-12-15 07:35   
(edited on: 2015-12-15 07:36)
yes, i am going to implement this feature by myself.

2016-02-08 08:43   
Unfortunately I cannot push my changes, because of missing permissions.
My username is LeJonPPI.
2016-02-08 16:46   
(edited on: 2016-02-08 16:47)
You will not be able to push to official repo.
I will not ENABLE YOU.
You need to FORK and request a merge request, that's the GIT way of working

2016-02-15 23:02   
any news about the code?
2016-02-16 19:53   
I requested a merge, but based on your answer I asume, you did not get it, right?
I will have a look at the problem in the beginning of the upcomming weekend.
2016-02-22 22:35   
code review, private mail sent, refactoring is needed
2020-07-28 07:19   
When the fix will be available ?