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1.9.12 (2014 Q3) 
MySQL 5.7
0007340: MySQL 5.7 - strict mode - Installation failed due to issues with TIMESTAMP,DATE and DATETIME columns
After a issue report regarding query failed on MySQL 5.7, I've tried a fresh install of Tauriel on MySQL 5.7 installed on Mac OSX with FACTORY CONFIGURATION.
Install failed with lot of issues on '0000-00-00 00:00:00' and similar defaults.

This does not happen with latest MARIADB provided on XAMPP neither with latest XAMPP that contains MySQL (5.6.x).

Choice has been change defaults to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, or remove it.

not exhaustive test done.
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The latest commit to Git doesn't work for fresh install under MySQL 5.5. We are running here a MySQL 5.5.33 on SuSE and fresh installation from Git fails with a

"mysql error 1067 invalid default value current_timestamp"

First research on the web indicates that it has something to do with basic database configuration and/or changes starting from MySQL 5.6.

I'll do some further investigation and try to find a feasible solution.

EDIT: "default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" for column type "datetime" has been introduced in MySQL 5.6.5: [^]

2015-12-01 06:57   
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I've found this [^]

I've found just one reference to DATE type but IMHO does not make things clear

here (5.6) there is a section regarding TIMESTAMP [^]

IMHO simplest way will be to add right SQL for MySQL < 5.7 commented, with a hint

2015-12-01 09:22   
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"IMHO simplest way will be to add right SQL for MySQL < 5.7 commented, with a hint"

Indeed, sounds like the best solution. For MySQL < 5.6 the "old" way of creating tables is sufficient and can be uncommented if required.

I did some tests with changed configs for MySQL, but these don't resolve the basic problem of raising errors while creating the tables.

I'll consider switching our system to the 5.6.x branch of MySQL. But before I should do a final test on a Test-VM.

2015-12-01 10:10   
Did a final retest (manually - not regular installation procedure): sql script from Git is working with MySQL 5.6.27. So for default installations out-of-the-box the minimum MySQL version *seems* to be >=5.6.5 now (with the enhanced options for the "datetime" column type).
2015-12-01 12:41   
thanks for help