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0007326TestLinkAPI - XMLRPCpublic2015-11-05 18:122016-09-08 15:13
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1.9.13 (2015 #1) 
1.9.15 (2015 Q4) 
0007326: API - getTestSuiteByName => getTestSuite()
I would like to be able to get a test suite ID using a name lookup, as at the point my script needs to do the call, the suite may not yet have been associated with a test plan. getTestSuiteByProject would also work acceptably.
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2015-11-05 18:29   
one ticket => one request
then getTestSuiteByName() or getTestSuiteByProject() not both on one ticket

In addition requirement for getTestSuitByProject() has not been provided then there is no way other than guess to provide an answer from dev point of view.

In addition because TestSuite name can be used on different suites on different levels of test spec tree => this will not allow to get an unique answer
2015-11-05 18:55   
Request is really to get a test suite by something other than an ID (which is what I need) or a test plan (because it isn't in one yet). I have no idea of what the underlying structure of the DB and what is easy or difficult, which is why I listed alternatives. I do not need all alternatives implemented, although ByName would be consistent with other calls.

Returning multiple values is OK, I can easily sort through multiple results and find the correct one.
2015-11-06 06:56   
>> I have no idea of what the underlying structure of the DB and what is easy or >>difficult, which is why I listed alternatives
again disagree you have you do a clear request because output of getTestSuiteByName() or getTestSuitesByTestProject() is very different.

You will not be able IMHO to get the right ID if you get an array of ID belonging to all test suites on a test project that have same name, if no other info like position (depth) in test spec tree will not be provided.
2015-11-07 09:03   
new method getTestSuite()

  * Returns all test suites inside target
  * test project with target name
  * @param
  * @param struct $args
  * @param string $args["devKey"]
  * @param int $args["testsuitename"]
  * @param string $args["prefix"]
  * @return mixed $resultInfo
  * @access public

Please test and provide feedback
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1.9.15 Released - 2016-09-08