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0007323TestLinkReports - Test Report on Buildpublic2015-11-03 19:152018-11-29 15:05
1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
0007323: Test Report on Build - generates output ONLY for test cases with tester assigned
If test cases has not tester, this report generates no output => WRONG

Default has to be all test cases no matter is has or not tester assigned
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2016-09-14 08:01   
Any updates to this issue?

This bug prevents generate correct reports
2016-10-27 11:56   
This issue seems to be fixed in 1.9.15
Seems to work ok to me, both with assigned and unassigned tc.
2016-11-01 06:36   
I can easily reproduce it on 1.9.15

1. Create testplan and build with some tests without user assignment
2. Execute tests without assignment by user1
3. Try to generate "Test Report on build" for this testplan and build by user2

Report is empty

By I expect to see result of execution by user1

Possible correction - display all testcases (executed or not) by default.
And add new checkbox "Display only executed testcases".
My idea: [^]
2016-11-07 09:46   
I cannot reproduce this on 1.9.15

1. Created 2 new tests, with steps.
2. Created testplan, active and public, and created build.
3. Add tests from 1 to 2
4. Execute 1 of the tests with user 1
5. Generate "Test report on build" with user 2

BOTH tests, executed and non-executed are visible in the report.

Maybe this is a configuration issue ?
2018-11-29 15:04   
Bug exists again in 1.9.18.
It seems, that the flag "Use only test cases with tester assigned to" is not considered anyway. There's no difference if I tick the checkbox or not.