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0007262TestLinkAvailable Fixespublic2015-09-19 07:022016-09-08 15:11
1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
1.9.15 (2015 Q4) 
0007262: Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.14 & How To get full fixed package from GitHub
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Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.14

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Get latest package with all fixes from GitHub, using wget
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related to 0007329closed fman Report - Test Results Flat - Test Case Version indication is not present 
related to 0007330closed fman Report - Test Results Flat - Add Test Case Version execution type indication 
parent of 0007257closed fman Add PROXY config on issuetracker integration via REST API 
parent of 0007256closed fman Testlink Connection Failure : Unable to connect to Redmine Hosted in Cloud Via Proxy Configuration 
parent of 0007093closed fman gui->direct_link is empty after editing and saving a test case 
parent of 0007272closed fman Debug Error Message : Test link Connection with Redmine Via Proxy 
parent of 0007292closed fman Sorting by Name does not work 
parent of 0007299closed fman Test Case - right to freeze/unfreeze test case version 
parent of 0007300assigned fman Test Case - Older versions will be accessed only in READ ONLY MODE 
parent of 0007301closed fman Add php-curl extension check => blocks REST integration with issue tracker 
parent of 0007306closed fman Sorting by name works incorrectly at Test Plans management page 
parent of 0007279closed fman Wrong french label for text counter feedback 
parent of 0007312closed fman File cannot be attached to execution of Test Case if empty title forbidden in config 
parent of 0007324closed fman $tlCfg->exec_cfg->features->exec_duration->enabled => USED ON REPORT 
parent of 0007337closed fman Include direct link URL to test in test asssignment email sent to testers 
parent of 0007341closed fman Add possibility to send mail with link to 'Test Case Assignment to User' 
parent of 0007313closed fman API XMLRPC - possibility to set the step-test result 
parent of 0007353closed fman Test Case Execution - save & move to next Improvements 
parent of 0007354closed fman Test Case Execution - just move to next 
parent of 0007296closed fman Feature Request - Setting Priorities in Requirement Management 
parent of 0007381closed fman Export Custom Fields - Mac OS issues due to tmp dir used by ADODB-XML 
parent of 0006708closed fman Raising issue at step level 
parent of 0007384closed fman Insufficient permission message on attempt to modify keywords using XMLRPC API 
parent of 0007390closed fman Issue Tracker JIRA REST check connection fails when jirauser have readonly power only 
parent of 0007393closed fman Issue Tracker JIRA REST check connexion twice 
parent of 0007398closed fman Filter for Status - combine more than one (Advanced Filters) 
parent of 0007399closed fman Issue in permission check when creating a test suite via the XMLRPC API 
parent of 0007402closed fman TestLink Security Vulnerability Notification 
parent of 0007430closed fman Unable to configure proxy using JiraRest integration 
parent of 0007444closed fman Cannot open Keyword View from Test Spec. 
parent of 0007426closed fman PHP7 - Failed to install with reporting "Checking MySQL Database Failed! MySQL Database cannot be used. " 
parent of 0006423closed fman Enable to link a project with an ITS when creating a test project using the XML-RPC API 
parent of 0007449closed fman User rights are NOT checked in createTestProject 
parent of 0007463closed fman Testlink integration with JIRA using jira (Interface: db) 
parent of 0007386new  Subscription on requirement (Requirement Monitoring) 
parent of 0007418closed fman Import requirement with a too long doc-id results in a data inconsistency 
parent of 0007466closed fman Different test cases may have the same external test case ID 
parent of 0007476closed fman Test Spec Filters - Adding CHOSEN Select + Always advanced mode 
parent of 0007477closed fman Test Spec Filters - Configure Default values for filter on status (workflow status) 
parent of 0007483closed fman XMLRPC - createBuild() - add active,open & release date as parameters for the call 
parent of 0007485closed fman Test Case Summary & Preconditions - Replace PlaceHolders with Custom Field value 
parent of 0007488closed fman Test Exec - inline image rendering on Summary is not working 
parent of 0007489closed fman Username field too short on login screen 
parent of 0007491closed fman No warning displayed if the execution is not saved when using 'Save and move to next' 
parent of 0007497closed fman create / update Testcase do not support to set the TestCaseStatus 
parent of 0007498closed fman createTestCase() - add support for estimated execution duration 
parent of 0007517closed fman Export TestCases frozen status in XML content 
parent of 0007516closed fman Export TestCases activation status in XML content 
parent of 0007518closed fman New login page : image seems to be hardcoded 
parent of 0007508closed fman Test cases can be assigned to an inactive or closed build 
parent of 0007520closed fman Possibility to copy test execution assignment from other build 
parent of 0006676closed fman API CALL - create build add option with "Copy tester assignments" 
parent of 0007509closed fman Exporting testcases : add options to exclude from export: Summary,Preconditions,Steps 
parent of 0007521closed fman Add ruler to make work simpler 
parent of 0007478closed fman Test Case Execution - Option to add LINK TO TestLink on notes on Issue Tracker System 
parent of 0007528closed fman Missing creationsof two new tables for MySQL in alter_tables 
parent of 0007527closed fman Hyperlink to Test Suite in Table of Content doesn't work 
parent of 0007523closed fman Req. Spec - EDIT - custom field (date or datetime) value is not saved 
parent of 0007544closed fman BUILD View - Display multilined text content according to text editor configuration 
parent of 0007545closed fman Requirement Monitoring - Bulk Operations (from Req Spec View Screen) 
parent of 0007569closed fman Direct link does not display the report correctly 
parent of 0007561closed fman Assign Requirements - Display multilined text content according to text editor configuration 
parent of 0007562closed fman Search TestCases - Display multilined text content according to text editor configuration 
parent of 0007564closed fman Requirements Version Comparator - Display multilined text content according to text editor configuration 
parent of 0007605closed fman Display of lastest run ANY BUILD execution notes at the test execution 
parent of 0007610closed fman many warnings in event log while test execution 
parent of 0007519closed fman Import TestCases activation and frozen status from XML content 
parent of 0007625closed fman Email notification sent to User does not contain Platform and Build 
parent of 0007621closed fman LATEST GITHUB CODE - Testcase/Testsuite Export: exporting keywords is broken 
parent of 0007552closed fman getTestCasesForTestPlan parameter 'getstepsinfo' doesn't work 
parent of 0007633closed fman API-XMLRPC - Updating testSuite Method 
parent of 0007645closed fman Typo in GUI description file - strings.txt under \locale\en_GB, English version 
parent of 0007649closed fman invalid HTML generated by reports 
parent of 0007455closed fman Missing French translations for on test case execution 
parent of 0007655closed fman Crome rendering problems after appying [^
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