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0007014TestLinkTest Specificationpublic2015-03-20 08:442015-09-19 08:49
1.9.13 (2015 #1) 
1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
0007014: Create/Change test case with custom execution type, custom value is ignored
We can add a custom execution type to the "Execution type" via config file. Once the type is added, when we try to assign that new execution type, the test case is always save with the execution type "Manual"
Set custom_execution_type as follows
$tlCfg->custom_execution_types = array('3'=>'not_automatable');

Set the localize string as in strings.txt file of the locale that is being used as follows
$TLS_not_automatable = "Not Automable";

The new execution type will be visible in the "Execution Type" field on the testcase.

Now open an existing test case and try to change the execution type to this newly create type.

Notice the page refreshes and doesn't allow to set the type to "Not Automable"
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please provide detailed steps to reproduce.
2015-03-21 09:05   
Solved with user help.
Anyway user has not provided (BAD attitude) requested steps to reproduce
2015-03-22 04:40   
Francisco, I have added the steps to reproduce the issue. If you can tell me how exactly you wanted the steps to look like, I will try to follow that from next time.

Files were also attached.
2015-03-22 11:30   
(edited on: 2015-03-22 11:33)
After you have added new custom value

Test Case #1 - assign custom execution type while CREATING test case
1. create Test project TPRJ01
2. create Test suite, TS-100
3. create test case TC-1A
    assign custom execution type value
4. go to test spec feature, access test case TC-1A check execution type value

Test Case 0000002 - assign custom execution type while EDITING test case
After having done steps 1 to 3 of test case #1.
5. select test case TC-1A, and click EDIT ICON
6. change execution type to one of avaliable values
7. save
8. exit edit
9. go to test spec feature, check execution type value displayed
10. repeat 5 to 9, using each time a different execution type value

Test Case 0000003 - change execution type to CUSTOM VALUE from screen that display Test case

I've just fixed the issue using your info/hint.
But because we can not be sure that same code path is followed on each of different ways to change this test case attribute (and may be other), it is important to
indicate with detailed step by step how you have hit the bug


2015-09-19 08:49   
1.9.14 Padawan - released - 2015-09-19