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0006926TestLinkTest Plan - Assign Test Case Executionpublic2015-02-03 02:332015-02-07 10:52
1.9.12 (2014 Q3) 
1.9.13 (2015 #1) 
0006926: Cannot clear assignment in the "Assign to" drop down list
In test case execution assignment, for a test case, if you already selected one tester, you cannot select "empty" (clear the assignment). Looks like this is caused by the "chosen select" controller.
1. Enter test case execution assignment.
2. Click a testsuite.
3. At the right page, click "check/uncheck all test cases", select a user and click "Do". Now all test cases have the "Assign to" field filled to this user.
4. Go to the test case list, click one of the drop down list to clear an assignment before save. You will find there is no empty string to select so you have no way to clear it.
Looks like this issue is caused by the new "chosen select" select box. I did a google and saw there are some solution on this. Hope this helps. [^]
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2015-02-04 23:12   
on tc_exec_assignment_flat.tpl
jQuery(".chosen-select").chosen({ width: "85%", allow_single_deselect: true });
2015-02-07 10:52   
1.9.13 released 20150207