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0006864TestLinkBug Tracking Systems Integrationpublic2014-12-27 15:452018-01-20 19:08
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1.9.12 (2014 Q3) 
1.9.13 (2015 #1) 
0006864: Create Issue WHILE Executing - possibility to provide issue description
Till today issue description were generated automatically without chance to configure the pieces that build up it and user can not modify it before creating issue.
Execution notes were added ALWAYS as part of issue description.

New Implementation
when user request issue creation, a section on screen will provide place for description
User can edit before registering execution and triggering issue creation on Issue Tracker System.

Following tags (CASE SENSITIVE placeholders) will be available

Placeholder will be replaced with corresponding exec attribute BEFORE
creating issue.

(see image) [^]
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