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0000673TestLinkTest Specificationpublic2007-02-26 20:432010-06-05 07:51
1.7.0 BETA 5 
1.9 Beta 4 
0000673: Test case order when imported from file.
After importing new test cases, they are listed first than the other test cases already in the suite. I think that they should be put in the end of the list just like when they are created.
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2007-02-26 21:29   
may be a solution will be:
export and import display order.
2007-02-26 23:15   
But if no display order is used they should be put in the end of the list.

After selecting the "Reorder children" button, I notice that the order for the imported test cases was 0 and the order for all the others was 100.
In this case if the order for the imported was 100 the problem would be solved. But in a situation where the order is changed it would be necessary to get the max order.

Other situation related to the order that I notice now is:
If I have test cases order like 101, 102, 103…, when I create a new test case he will get the order 100 and will appear also in the first place of the list. If there are also numbers smaller than 100, new test cases appear in the middle. I think this could be solved if the new test case could be set using the max order.
2007-02-27 00:21   
May be you are write regarding using max when creating a new testcase

Please be patiente, and we will fix this issue after release of 1.7.0
2007-02-27 00:22   
I will open a new issue regarding display order on test case creation