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0006682TestLinkFilter on Keyword - Test Specificationpublic2014-10-17 22:412015-01-31 11:32
Preeti 1520 
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1.9.12 (2014 Q3) 
0006682: Keyword not working properly
The keyword filter isn't working properly. I created a new project, imported the test suites from another test project to this newly created ones.

Then created a new keyword(Sprint 15). Assigned one of the test case with the new keyword.

Used the filter by setting sprint 15 and clicked apply.

When i clicked i saw some unwanted folders ,not sure from where they came.
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(edited on: 2014-10-18 07:07)
1. issue subject is misleading
2. category is wrong
3. it is not clear in what all all features (there are more than one) present on
 testlink, filter seems to be broken
4. saying DB is AMAZON is wrong we do not support a DB of type AMAZON

Pleas provided detailed steps to reproduce but WITH A SIMPLE SCENARIO.
As explained in forum:
1. create test project TP01
2. create Test suites TS-100, TS-200
3. create keywords K1,K2, etc

till this info will no be provided issue will be considered fixed with reason suspended.

Before reporting create SANDBOX env, install latest code from gitorious (BRANCH 1.9) to see if can be reproduced.
SEARCH always mantis for similar issues removing STATUS FILTER.

Remember that
the less effort you put on reporting issue with details and examples, the higher possibility issue will be IGNORED