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0006609TestLinkAvailable Fixespublic2014-09-27 16:412015-02-07 10:51
1.9.12 (2014 Q3) 
1.9.13 (2015 #1) 
0006609: Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.12 & How To get full fixed package from gitorious
Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.12

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ATTENTION - Since Gitorious ha upgraded it's site following instructions

Get latest package with all fixes from gitorious, using wget
wget [^] [^]

ARE not valid ANYMORE
Seems only option is to CLONE repository (I'm sorry)

A little bit complex option (you need git installed on your system)
1. create a directory where you are going to get latest code
1.1 cd /
1.2 mkdir /testlink-fixes-latest

2. cd /testlink-fixes-latest
2.1 git clone
this will create a new directory testlink-code

2.2 cd /testlink-fixes-latest/testlink-code
2.3 git checkout git checkout remotes/origin/testlink_1_9

(from [^])

3. get updates
After you have done this for FIRST TIME , to get updates
3.1 cd /testlink-fixes-latest/testlink-code
3.2 git pull

Great News From Gitoriuos
Tarball download is working again!!! (give a look to attached image Download Button)


Please do not add any note to this issue.
No request for help, no request for explanations
Thanks a lot
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parent of 0006610closed fman After creating a new project and hitting "Return" button bring randomly "Webpage has expired" 
parent of 0006116closed fman Test case keywords are not displayed on execution pane 
parent of 0006648closed fman Checkbox "Update tree after every operation" does not work 
parent of 0006650closed fman Test Step execution - Attachment management 
parent of 0006651closed fman PHP Object Injection Vulnerability In /lib/execute/execSetResults.php 
parent of 0006655closed fman Many warnings when a user run a test 
parent of 0006656closed fman "Results by Tester per Build" - show closed builds is not working 
parent of 0006666closed fman Security Warnings - allow to configure how many times has to be done 
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parent of 0006673closed fman Set Urgent Tests duplicates test number when there is user assigned 
parent of 0006686closed fman Error when creating an existing test suite (when NAME already exists) 
parent of 0006688closed fman Cancel button does not function when creating a test case. (‘check to create another test case after saving’) 
parent of 0006689closed fman Cancel does not function when creating a new test case with existing name. 
parent of 0006712closed fman Reset Password does not write password to DB, when DEFAULT AUTH method is LDAP, but user is DB 
parent of 0006719closed fman Create Mantis issue fails 
parent of 0006722closed fman It´s impossible Unassigned test cases alltogether 
parent of 0006723closed fman Search Test Cases - possibility to filter also by Status 
parent of 0006720closed fman Impossible Logout via login page 
parent of 0006725closed fman Test Cases Created x user - GUI Refactoring 
parent of 0006726closed fman Test Case Search - GUI refactoring 
parent of 0006730closed fman es_ES localization 
parent of 0006743closed fman XML-Export: Include ID of test suites 
parent of 0006646closed fman Extend API - XMLRPC Add function "removeAssignement" 
parent of 0006740closed fman Req Based Report shows a rolled up status of "Partial Pass" when all test cases are not run 
parent of 0006739closed fman IMPORT RESULTS VIA XML - Copy linked issues from (ABSOLUTE) latest execution 
parent of 0006736closed fman Copy linked issues from (ABSOLUTE) latest execution when creating a new execution 
parent of 0006754closed fman Test Suite Heading Prints With Text Style, Not Header Style 
parent of 0006756closed fman Test suite creation - Details can not be provided 
parent of 0006749closed fman pl_PL localization for 1.9.12 + DEV updates 
parent of 0006744closed fman relation_destination_tcase is not localized 
parent of 0006752closed fman Could not Set Test cases urgency in bulk mode. 
parent of 0006765closed fman warnings about /tmp in testlink events log 
parent of 0006773closed fman Test Case Step execution attachments - possibility to DELETE IT 
parent of 0006778closed fman API -XMLRPC - getProjectKeywords() 
parent of 0006779closed fman API -XMLRPC - getTestCaseKeywords() 
parent of 0006786closed fman Export Test Spec - add option to export external ID WITH PREFIX 
parent of 0006792closed fman Test case execution from Test Case Assignment Overview (reports) using smile execution options. 
parent of 0006797closed fman Assign keyword AT TEST SUITE LEVEL - add option to assign keywords ONLY TO FILTERED TEST CASES 
parent of 0006804closed fman Test Suite - inline images on details 
parent of 0006803closed fman Test Case - inline images on summary & preconditions 
parent of 0006767closed fman case execution module: when change tplan, current platform cannot renew 
parent of 0006799closed fman Requirements Specification: Display uploaded images in-line in Requirement Scope 
parent of 0006808closed fman Requirement print view - display images INLINE 
parent of 0006809closed fman Requirements Report - display images inline & convert TestLink tlInlineImage command 
parent of 0006806closed fman API XML-RPC - deleteTestPlan Method 
parent of 0006805closed fman API XML-RPC - add platform id for getTestCasesForTestPlan() Method 
parent of 0006802closed fman Report Bug per Test Case - option to process all executions (and not the latest on platform & build) 
parent of 0006761closed fman Negative value in Estimate exec. field in test case 
parent of 0004668closed fman Req Spec Attachements are lost when a new project is created from an existing one 
parent of 0004921closed fman Direct link for Test Suite 
parent of 0004656closed fman Test Plan Copy - Build release date is not copied 
parent of 0006818closed fman Test Case - inline images on STEPS 
parent of 0006819closed fman Test case STEP ghost inside Summary and/or Preconditions, is managed like Test case ghost (WRONG) 
parent of 0006821closed fman Test Project List - add number of available test projects (respect grants) 
parent of 0006822closed fman Custom Fields - Possibility to add to current test project while creating 
parent of 0006823closed fman Milestone provides 100% complete when 0 test cases of target priority are available 
parent of 0006824closed fman Milestones view - add section to display status 
parent of 0006828closed fman Req Based Report - When more than one platform exists, execution status is always on SAME platform (last created) 
parent of 0006834closed fman Req. Based Report - add possibility to filter on specific BUILD 
parent of 0006837closed fman Access Test Execution from Test Case Specification seems to be lost 
parent of 0006840closed fman [Import test execution results] Ignore test results if already exists in TestLink (with same execution timestamp) 
parent of 0006847closed fman Create Issue AFTER Execution - possibility to provide issue summary 
parent of 0006848closed fman Test case execution - bug list - possibility to configure ORDER BY 
parent of 0006855closed fman Test project table - add pagination 
parent of 0006854closed fman Create Issue WHILE Executing - possibility to provide issue summary 
parent of 0006856closed fman Test project & Test Plan Role assignment - add pagination 
parent of 0006858closed fman Allow keyword remove from Test Case view screen 
parent of 0006864closed fman Create Issue WHILE Executing - possibility to provide issue description 
parent of 0006865closed fman Test plan view - allow access to test case execution 
parent of 0006872closed fman JIRA REST - add issue note ( Jira calls it comment) 
parent of 0006874closed fman Execution Order in Bulk Mode doesn't match with Order shown in Left test suite tree 
parent of 0006814closed fman Test Case search - add option to search value on multiple fields 
parent of 0006899closed fman Incorrect bug ID in exported Excel spreadsheet 
parent of 0006904closed fman Export the Execution Order in a TestPlan for each testcase 
parent of 0006896closed fman XML-RPC API - add keywords to test case 
parent of 0006907closed fman XML-RPC API - Remove keywords from a test case set 
parent of 0006912closed fman Export for result import - add tags to allow specify result at step level 
parent of 0006884assigned fman Link to set execution status for related test case in execution mode. 
parent of 0006876closed fman Link to set execution status for a single test case when working in Bulk Mode 
parent of 0006905closed fman Link to test case is still raw link (no title) in email(HTML) type of test report 
parent of 0006926closed fman Cannot clear assignment in the "Assign to" drop down list 
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