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0006569TestLinkGeneralpublic2014-09-11 13:302014-09-13 07:35
1.9.11 (2014 Q2 - bug fixing) 
1.9.12 (2014 Q3) 
0006569: Test Report , incorrect test case into thereport
when creating a test report (on build) or test report , the test case that appears in the report is the version that is currently includeded in the test plan , not the version that has been executed.
It can give bad informations when reading the report.

BTW, the test case version should appear in the report so as to be sure of what we did
Create a test plan that includes the Test case Version 1.
Execute the version 1 on any build.
Then create the version 2 of the test case and link it to the test plan. so as to get a test plan up to date
Then Create a test report on the test plan. The version that will be displayed is the version 2 of the test case even if it it the V1 that has been executed.
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>> BTW, the test case version should appear in the report so as to be sure of
>> what we did
This kind of comment is offending, there surely another way to ask for things.
DO NOT FORGET to read your for options.
Also you can check for config hints on: [^]
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don't find any solution. on the forum. and dont know wat to chnge in the