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0006013TestLinkAPI - XMLRPCpublic2013-10-31 03:172013-11-17 09:53
WindowsXPProfessional SP3
1.9.8 (2013 Q3 - bug fixing) 
1.9.9 (2013 Q4 - bug fixing) 
0006013: Missing build number parameters for testcase execution status
This method in the RPC should be corrected "tl.getTestCasesForTestPlan"
when i use this method "tl.getLastExecutionResult", it does not allow to send build number as a parameter

The API provide a method to fetch latest test results. But it not send build the number as a parameter
1) When fetching the test results for some test cases there can be multiple results
2)first marked Test Case 1 as fail
3)then marked Test Case 1 as pass
4)Within the same build"
5)When fetching the results via the API, I get the results using results using the latest time stamp
6) If I get the result using the build filter, there is not time stamp information
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I found very hard to understand your issue reporting.
Please can you provide detailed steps to reproduce (very detailed),
I can do same request on each issue you write, I suppose you are able to already understand that you do not provide, all details needed
2013-11-01 02:53   
Ok i tried to be as descriptive as possible here, hoped it had helped you to visualize:
1 first we fetch the results of the test cases belonging to a build number with test status i.e, Pass, Fail , Blocked , Not Run
2 then it fetch the latest execution results of the test cases that belong to that build
3 that means if there are 10 test cases belong to a specific build i.e "1.0" it will show the reults of these 10 test cases.
4 but it will show only the latest execution results.
5 /*build 1.0*/
6 test case A = pass
7 test case B = fail
8 /*build 2.0*/
9 test case A = blocked
10 test case B = pass
11 if you run the build one again I will get the results of build 2 because those are the latest results.
12 2nd example
13 /*build 1.0*/
14 test case A = pass
15 test case B = fail
16 test case C = fail
17 /*build 2.0*/
18 tet case A = fail
19 test case B = pass
20 Now I try to retrieve the results for build 1.0
21 test case A = fail
22 test case B = pass
23 test case C =fail
24 ==========================
25 the XMLRPC API provide a method to fetch latest test result. But it not allows to send build number as a parameter
26 When get the results using the build and test status filters without considering the execution time, I am only reading the first run of the test case, I,e. test case A first result = fail, 2nd time = pass. I am always seeing fail for Test Case A.
27 Alternatively if I retrieve results based on last execution results as seen. in the above example, I do not get 1) build Info 2) "Not Run" status is not showing
28 this method in the RPC should be corrected "tl.getTestCasesForTestPlan"
29 when i use this method "tl.getLastExecutionResult", it does not allow to send build number as a parameter, we need to change one of the two methods to get this done
30 The better choice will be changing the original method "tl.getTestCasesForTestPlan", to return the latest execution result using timestamp and build information
2013-11-01 09:23   
IMHO requests has been done in the right way by reporter of 0005996.
I do not like misleading subject.
if absolutely your opinion that build parameter is missing.

If we have developed a method to return Latest Execution Result in the WHOLE Build Set, this will means that NOT RUN can be only extracted when test case HAS NEVER BEEN executed.
If this does not happen then this is may be an issue that has to be reported in a new issue.

It will be great also that you (and the other users) try to do a minor search before reporting, to avoid issue duplication.

Probably New method will be created but this will be determined only after some analisis.

Side note: if you are using so much TestLink may be is time to start thinking about providing some contribution to support the work.
2013-11-03 10:26   
see approach by @htptissera on related issue
2013-11-03 10:37 [^]
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1.9.9 Released