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0005967TestLinkTest Plan - Add/Remove Test Casespublic2013-10-10 07:262013-10-10 08:27
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1.9.8 (2013 Q3 - bug fixing) 
1.9.9 (2013 Q4 - bug fixing) 
0005967: It is not possible to remove executed test case from Testplan
In new version of TL (1.9.8), it is not possible to remove executed test case from Testplan. I'm not sure is this behavior a bug or this is a new feature. If this behavior is not a bug, is there some workaround to remove executed test case from test plan?
I think that this behavior is not user friendly at all, if I execute some test case by mistake, there is no possibility to undo this action and there is no possibility to remove it from test plan.
Please allow removing executed test cases from test plan
Execute some test case
Go to the "Add / Remove Test Cases" window
There is no check box for selecting executed test case and tooltip "Executed test cases can not be removed" is displayed.
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I suggest just some simple thing, before starting writting sentences like:

>> I think that this behavior is not user friendly at all
start by providing to dev team evidence that you have done a minor search on:
our twitter.

Feature is available, and have been changed creating an issue already reported and fixed [^]
You have just to search here with STATUS FILTER not setted.