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0005937TestLinkFilters - Test Specificationpublic2013-09-26 07:172013-11-17 09:53
FireFox v23.0.1Windows7
1.9.8 (2013 Q3 - bug fixing) 
1.9.9 (2013 Q4 - bug fixing) 
Bitnami - MySQL
FireFox v23.0.1
PHP v5.4.15
0005937: (Required) Custom Fields become mandatory in Filters Section
If Required Custom Fields are in use and these become available in the Filters section, one can not filter after anything else as long as the required Custom Field is not provided.
1. Create a Custom Field for Test Cases and enable it on Test Spec Design.
2. Set it as Required in the Assign Custom Fields section.
3. Switch to the Test Specification view.
4. The newly assigned Custom Field is now available for filtering.
5. Set a filter for Keyword, Importance or Execution Type but leave the Custom Field empty.
6. Apply the filter.

Expected: The Filters section should not take the Required option for Custom Fields into consideration.

Actual: When filtering, Required Custom Fields need to be provided otherwise filtering after anything else available is not possible.
Pressing [Reset Filter] in the Test Specification view without making any changes to the available Filters, pops up the "Please fill out this field" message also.
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Due to this issue, hiding Custom Fields is also not working via pressing the [Hide Custom Fields] button in the Filters section.
2013-09-26 20:04 [^]
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I've used your new code and this looks great as expected now.
2013-11-17 09:53   
1.9.9 Released