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0005638TestLinkRequirement Managementpublic2013-04-15 07:362013-05-22 20:59
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1.9.6 (2013 Q1 - bug fixing) 
1.9.7 (2013 Q2 - bug fixing) 
chrome / IE 10
0005638: Combo box content when copying requirements and there are duplicated req. spec with different parent
When I copy som requirements from a "folder" to an other, I have a combobox which contain the list of each "folder".

But this list contains only the name of the folder, and non the code (SRS_ID).
So if two folder have the same name, yon can't choose the right one.

Can I make some personal configuration for doing this, or is it somethig to fix ?
TO BE FIXED on 2.0
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2013-04-15 10:31   
having two folders with SAME PARENT with same name is a condition that TestLink has to block.
2013-04-15 12:57   
The two folder has not the same parent.

For exemple, you have :
 - SRS_DIR_CAS : Directory for case 1
   * SRS_DIR_CAS_IHM : Interfaces
   * SRS_DIR_CAS_ACT : Actions
 - SRS_DIR_TES : Directory for case 2
   * SRS_DIR_TES_IHM : Interfaces
   * SRS_DIR_TES_ACT : Actions

In the combo box, you have :
.Directory for case 1
.Directory for case 2

So when you have lots of directories, yon cant find easily thr right one.
(It's not really a bug, but more a missing function)

I don't know if this details show you my problems ?
2013-04-15 18:42   
it can be improved but IMHO is a false problem.
In the situation you have depicted you can be confused, because you are always the parent (Directory for case 1,Directory for case 2) that helps you.

Anyway will try to add the doc id
2013-04-15 19:10   
Please test and provide feedback (adding a donation will not be bad :)) [^]
2013-04-15 21:28   
First of all I haven't understand why IHMO is a false problem ! If you can explain, I could give you more details about our using of testlink.

So for feedback...
There are two way for copying requirements :
- Select a requirement and clic the "copy" button
- Select a folder and clic the "copy requirements" button.

The first way is OK, but the second dosen't match !
I can search in functions where I Can modify it, but I prefer send you this feedback !

(And great thanks for your quick support)
2013-04-16 09:06   
Is a false problem because you have under your eyes all info you need, because you can see the parent req spec, unless you have a large amount of children and you need to scroll.
There is nothing to explain about how to use testlink
2013-04-16 14:06   
I undertsant your position, and I'm agree with you when you say that all information are in the list, but it's should be an easier way to find folders if the SRS_ID was in the list.

In fact it's an important request of my users, even if I'm not using this function.
2013-04-16 21:17   
also [^]
2013-04-18 14:14   
Great !
Thanks a lot.