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0005580TestLinkFilterspublic2013-03-20 22:022013-05-22 20:58
Ubuntu 12.04
1.9.6 (2013 Q1 - bug fixing) 
1.9.7 (2013 Q2 - bug fixing) 
0005580: Filters has no effect in Test Execution when same sets of test cases are assigned by Platform
Installed: BitNami virtual machine image version of TestLink 1.9.6

When I assigned the test cases by platforms to two testers, they can see all test cases during Test Execution even though the platform selected is not theirs under Settings.
0. create two testers (tester1, tester2)
1. create two test cases (TC1, TC2)
2. create two platforms (Win32, iOS)
3. create a test plan (TP1) and a build
4. add the two platforms to it
5. add the two test cases to TP1 with two platforms each
6. assign all Win32 cases to tester1, all iOS cases to tester2
7. sign in as tester1
8. click "Test Execution"
9. under "Settings", choose platform iOS (which is not his assignment)
10. apply filter of "assigned to" = tester1
result: sees test cases that's not assigned to tester1
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duplicate of 0005566closed fman "Assigned to" does not work in "test execution" page 
duplicate of 0005572closed fman Filter by Platforms - Wrong test case state count in test plan execution 
png TL_filterBug.png (53,348) 2013-03-20 22:02
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2013-03-20 22:10   
in my, I have the following settings:
2013-03-20 22:13   
please always check for similar issues.
Give a look to issue 0005551, container of already reported and solved issue.
I think this issue is a duplicate.
Please provide feedback
2013-03-20 22:59   
When I logged in as admin, go to Test Execution and do the filtering, result is the same (unexpected). I am not sure if it's the same problem as 5572.

Looks like the filtering result in Test Execution is not the same as the filtering result in Assign Test Case Execution.

I remove all the platforms and do a filter by Priority or by Execution type in Test Execution mode, it just returns me everything.
2013-03-21 19:20   
please check all related issues (there are two), retest and only then provide more info is things did not work
2013-03-21 20:10   
After applying both fixes, this issue no longer occurs. thanks!
2013-03-21 21:36   
Great. Try to follow our advices
2013-04-25 07:13   
I also just update from 1.9.3 to 1.9.6, encounter the same problem. And I follow the fix here: [^]

Then it is okay now.

Thanks for quick support. Keep up with great work @fman