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0005397TestLinkRequirement Managementpublic2012-12-05 14:302012-12-05 18:14
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1.9.4 (2012 Q3 - bug fixing) 
1.9.5 (2012 Q4 - bug fixing) 
0005397: "$g_field_size->requirement_title" defined in does not apply to edit/create a requirements (reqEdit.php)
The length allowed for req_title in reqEdit.php is not consistent with the value defined via the constant("$g_field_size->requirement_title") in the if you changed the value of "$g_field_size->requirement_title".

 We use the testlink for managing our projects, one of them requires a relevant long title for requirement about 120 -130 characters long, which is beyond the current maximum length (100). After searching the help and testlink, I tries to change this by following steps below:

1- Modified the length of the field "name" of "req_revisions", and the length of the field "name" of "nodes_hierarchy".

2- Changed the input dimension of requirement defined in the /testlink/gui/templates/input_dimensions.conf

3- Changed the constant value of "$g_field_size->requirement_title" in

I thought the length should be extended successfully, but I found the length allowed is still 100, after digging it up, I found "100" is used in "regEdit:init_args" (line 76) rather than reading the value from

I knew it is not really a common situation for others, but I think if you did provide a way to configure this length value, it should be consistent through the whole project.

Could there be another to achieve this rather than changing the value in and input_dimensions.conf, such as or custom.input_dimensions.conf?

Many thanks

Yikang Mao
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for a config that has to be done ONCE the level of configuration provided is more than enough