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0005305: Contribution - User Groups
Hello There,

We've hundreds of testers here and each one of them have different role and right. Assigning each user a role or a right specific to a test project or a plan is cumbersome and so I've built groups in TestLink which will save us a lot of time. Here's the detailed explanation.

You can add/delete/edit groups.
You can assign several users to a group.
You can assign a user to several groups.
Each group can have specific roles for a test project/plan.

With this feature you can save time assigning users a role specific to a project.

I also added custom theme feature and you can toggle between themes with the drop down on the top right.

I've used TestLink code as much as possible.

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2012-10-25 00:13   
I've modified several files to get this thing working, I can't upload working version of TestLink here because of the file size limit. But just so you know I've main group class file, functions file and lib files along with tpl files in the uploaded zip.

If you need a working copy to test it, let me know I can provide.
2012-10-25 13:45   
(edited on: 2012-10-25 13:47)
We are going to give a look in the future to understand if can be added to stable code.

Please use ALWAYS different issue for different contributions

2012-10-25 18:00   
Thanks for the reply, let me know if I can be of any help when you're ready to implement groups in TestLink. I'll be happy to contribute to TestLink.