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0005193TestLinkAvailable Fixespublic2012-09-03 05:412013-05-22 21:00
1.9.4 (2012 Q3 - bug fixing) 
1.9.5 (2012 Q4 - bug fixing) 
0005193: Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.4 & How To get full fixed package from gitorious
Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.4

Get latest package with all fixes from gitorious, using wget
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parent of 0005191closed fman Execution page show incorrect color and count if multiple results in one case 
parent of 0005192closed fman "Results by Tester per Build" is incorrect if multi results in one case 
parent of 0005196closed fman Tree shows wrong color if testcase has multiple executions 
parent of 0005211closed asimon Assign Test Case Execution: Fixed text "toggle_all" is displayed next to every test suite title 
parent of 0005212closed asimon Metrics dashboard: Additional title "getMetrics" is displayed above the normal page header 
parent of 0005186new asimon Filtering by the value of custom fields on test specification is not working 
parent of 0005228closed asimon Filter use on test spec causes "undefined index" warning in event log for every test case with no active version 
parent of 0005230closed fman E_NOTICE Undefined variable warning when viewing executed test case 
parent of 0005227closed fman [Mantisbt integration] Allow Configuration of Custom Statuses via XML 
parent of 0005209closed kinow Login.php fails to load on new deployment with SSL enabled (missing function utf8_strtolower()) 
parent of 0005226closed asimon 1.9.4 - Execute Tests - Filter by "Not Run" and "All Builds" returning empty 
parent of 0005229closed asimon Filtering by the value of custom fields is not working on test execution 
parent of 0005251closed asimon Warning because of undefined javascript function on test case specification 
parent of 0005250closed fman User rights "Test Case view" not work 
parent of 0005255closed fman Deleting requirement with relations does not remove requirement, partial deletion, cannot remove 
parent of 0005257closed fman Testcase exported for id/external id not able to import same for result update 
parent of 0005265closed asimon Test case search displays only the first version of all test cases 
parent of 0005267closed fman Metrics Dashboard. Test Project Progress display "0" for Passed/Failed/Blocked 
parent of 0005272closed fman General Test Plan Metrics / Overall Build Status / Not Run is not for build but global. 
parent of 0005256closed fman Test Report - Test plan WITH PLATFORMS - Tree menu only show "Not Run" test case count in "Document options" page 
parent of 0005270closed fman Doesn't show Lightning icon in executed test case 
parent of 0004217new asimon No way to filter by "Test importance" 
parent of 0004353new asimon Add filter for active/inactive Test Cases on Test Specification 
parent of 0004496closed asimon Add filter for active/inactive Test Cases on Add/remove Test Cases 
parent of 0005284closed asimon Filtering by the value of custom fields is not working on tester assignment 
parent of 0005288closed asimon Print importance/priority when printing test spec/plan 
parent of 0005294closed asimon It is not possible to remove an inactive tc version from a testplan with platforms 
parent of 0005290closed fman Doesn´t show description of bugs from BTS (JIRA) 
parent of 0005293closed fman (JIRA Integration) - Bugs per Test Case do not display bug summary. 
parent of 0005344closed fman BULK EXECUTION - Tester A can execute test case that assigned to Tester B 
parent of 0005316closed fman "Test Cases with Custom Fields set on Execute" - Report NOT DISPLAYED if CUSTOM FIELD NAME contains DOT 
parent of 0005332closed kinow Generating Test Report with "Metric' causes DB error 
parent of 0005382closed fman Priority is not shown in folder view when assigning test cases 
parent of 0005384closed fman User with only issuetracker view right CAN NOT ACCESS issue tracker list from MAIN PAGE 
parent of 0005385closed fman test project list - add information about issue tracker 
parent of 0005386closed fman Test Plan management - user can manage Private Test plan where she/he has no role assigned 
parent of 0005389closed fman Test specification is accessible even if the project is private 
parent of 0005375closed fman Issue Tracker List - add option to check connection status 
parent of 0005398closed fman Create Test Plan - Create from existing Test Plan? OPTION - Private test plans should not be visible if user doesnt have access 
parent of 0005410closed fman Test Cases without Tester Assignment - Crash 
parent of 0005372closed fman Add 400 test cases to test plan at one time, only 242 cases are added 
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2012-09-21 07:36   
Hello francisco,
is it possible that you forgot to attach the files ?
or where can i find the hotfixes?
best regards
2012-09-21 16:46   
This issue is intended to be a 'container' the fixes are available on each child issue as pointer to gitorious commit.
2012-10-09 18:37   
Please do not add any note to this issue.
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