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0005186TestLinkCustom fields ON FILTERSpublic2012-08-30 06:582012-11-03 17:16
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0005186: Filtering by the value of custom fields on test specification is not working
Filtering by the value of a custom field in test specification is not working. It always shows all test cases of the project, regardless of which value has been chosen in the filter panel.
1. Create a new test project "filter test".
2. In that test project, create a testsuite "suite 1" and two test cases "test case 1" and "test case 2".
3. Create new custom field, e.g. with the following preferences:
   - Name "CF_TC_STATUS"
   - Label "Status"
   - Available for "Test Case"
   - Type "list"
   - possible values: "draft|needs review|needs rework|ready|"
   - enable on "Test Spec Design"
   - Display on test execution "Yes"
4. Assign this custom field to test project "filter test".
5. Edit test case 1, set "Status" to "needs rework".
6. Now try to filter by value "needs rework" of this custom field in test specification.
=> It will always display all test cases, regardless of which value of the custom field has been chosen in the filter panel.
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2012-08-30 07:54   
This has not been implemented yet, and probably will be released this way.
2012-08-30 07:58   
Would be a regression - it was working in version 1.9.3
2012-09-13 11:45   
Fixed for branch 1.9: [^]
No fix necessary for master.

Note: This fix is only for custom field filtering on test specification, not on test execution. Filtering on test execution still has to be implemented. I'll open another ticket for that.
2012-09-13 15:27   
fix on master is MANDATORY
2012-11-03 17:16   
After addition of Active/Inactive test case filter, the logic of this filter need to be reviewed, to do search following Active/Inactive.

1. Active/Inactive: All versions are inactive
this filter has to use latest version WITHOUT considering active/inactive status on tcversions table

2. Active/Inactive: ANY
3. Active/Inactive: Al least ON ACTIVE Version
We can do current logic i.e. SEARCH ONLY ON LATEST ACTIVE VERSION