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0000507TestLinkNew Featurepublic2006-11-26 03:142008-06-26 15:47
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0000507: [multiple steps] - Test Specification: Separete steps and results
I'd like to see and manage test case steps and result for each step in their own fields. Adding new steps between old steps should be essential, too.

Like this:

 Step 1 | Result 1
 Step 2 | Result 2
 Step 3 | Result 3
 Step 3 | Result 4
One way to implement this is to manage steps and results with some delimitter in database fields and use Javascript to manage this in UI.
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2007-09-16 05:08   
That's like TestDirector behaviour. I'm not sure if this issue is not duplicated.
2007-09-17 13:33   
I think this can be an interesting feature, but needs DB schema changes and we ned to figure the effort to change a lot of code regarding getting test case info.
2007-09-17 14:18   
I think that bd schema changes could be avoided, if some xml could be used in formatting steps and results. Of course than needs some coding for user interface, but that could be done as an option, maybe. So server side is "as usual", but some installations could use different "test case editor" to save test case steps and resulsts as xml into db.
2007-09-17 14:35   
I don't like using XML to create a DB inside the DB, to manage what IMHO must be a DB change.
My vote to do this development using XML is No, I prefer to maintain the data model as clear as possibile => change schema.
2007-09-17 16:10   
we discuss it two years ago. I also suggest to use xml to structure it. But other core developers disagree, so nobody do anything.
I still think that it's the best way.
2007-09-17 16:23   
I will try write a proposal, trying to compare pro and cons of both solution,
with code impacts.
after this, we can discuss what and when to do.

IMHO is not a critical issue.
2007-09-24 05:01   
I moved this to state acknowledge. It seems that there is agreement that the feature is useful. However implementation is unclear.
2008-06-26 15:47   
Guys, I'm closing this record as duplicated to 1310. Please, set monitoring these issue 1310 if you interesting in a progress. Thanks