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0005056TestLinkDatabase MS-SQLpublic2012-06-12 06:512013-05-19 10:02
1.9.3 (2011 Q3 - bug fixing) 
1.9.7 (2013 Q2 - bug fixing) 
IE 09
0005056: Testlink installation is not working with MS SQL 2008
Something is wrong with my Installation !

I installed Testlink via ISS 7.5 and MySQL -> works really stable !
But for my Company i had no choice, we only support MSSQL in our Infrastructure and this is not working correctly.

I installed MS SQL 2008 and swichted my Testlink installation "ISS 7.5" to MS SQL !

Problem : i can not create any Testcases or ReQ over the normal functions or create a Testreport.

i saw that a coloumn in Tcversions called status is missing and created it!
-> my problem is still available!

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duplicate of 0005025closed fman I can not create testcases ! IIS 7 , FastCGI with PHP Version 5.2.17 , MS SQL 2008 
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1. We have had several reports regarding MSSQL, please do some searchs here, to understand if your issue has been already reported (this is the general guide line to follow : search before reporting to avoid duplicates.

2. >> Problem : i can not create any Testcases or ReQ over the normal functions >>or create a Testreport.
this kind of description without providing more details, is not useful
We always need a detailed test case, that provide all steps with expected results, and actual results, that allow us to try to reproduce

3. issue subject is too generic and misleading.

2012-06-12 20:04   
1) sorry its my first time !!!

2) it is not possible to create testcases , because its going to a fastcgi timeout . but if i change the SQL Server from MS SQL to MY SQL , than it is working correctly , which means that my IIS Installation and my PHP Installation and my Handler Installation is working correctly and it should be a testlink to MS SQL Issue.

Same happens when i want to create new ReQ or when i click to a Testreport.

3) sorry for the Subject.