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0004940TestLinkAPI - XMLRPCpublic2012-03-16 11:262019-06-10 19:21
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1.9.3 (2011 Q3 - bug fixing) 
0004940: XML-RPC API function to create requirements
We're working on a project using the testLink XML-RPC API with Python. We've encountered some issues now because there are no functiond in the API to create, edit and remove requirements.
We would appreciate if you could implement those functions.
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related to 0004492new  API to add/modify Requirement Specifications and Requirements 
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2012-05-24 10:13   

We're working on a project using the testLink XML-RPC API with Ruby, and we also need to create, edit and remove requirements.

We have implemented the method for creating requirements in {testlink_root}/lib/api/xmlrpc.class.php and it's working fine:

We only need to add the method to the list of methods:

$this->methods = array(....

'tl.createRequirement' => 'this:createRequirement',

And the method:

public function createRequirement($args)
            $msg_prefix="({$operation}) - ";
            $checkFunctions = array('authenticate','checkTestProjectID');
            $status_ok=$this->_runChecks($checkFunctions,$msg_prefix) && $this->userHasRight("mgt_modify_tc");
        $ret = $this->reqMgr->create($this->args['req_spec'],
         return $status_ok ? $ret : $this->errors;

Is that feature on the roadmap for the next version?
2012-05-24 15:04   
>> Is that feature on the roadmap for the next version?
if your code is working well we can add it
2012-05-25 06:37   
Ok, that would be great!

I have improved the method and attached to this ticket "xmlrpc.class.php" and an example of using from a ruby file.

When do you think the next version will be available?

For my project maybe I 'll have to develop more features, so I'll let you know.

Best regards,
2012-05-25 08:37   
(edited on: 2012-05-25 08:39)

I have also implemented the createReqSpec and updateReqSpec methods in (V2 file)

2012-05-25 17:14   
Ok, we are going to review and try to add to 1.9.4
2012-05-28 13:02   

I have also implemented the updateRequirement method in (V3 file), I think is the last I need for my project at the moment.
2012-07-30 07:42   

I improved methods changing parameters user_id and project_id to project_prefix and user. It's more useful.
2012-07-30 10:05   
it's ok if both options are supported (DB ID and Verbose)
2019-06-10 17:26   
Dear TestLink Team,

I would like to kindly ask for the roadmap for this feature request.

In my project, we are using TestLink for test management and test result tracking / storage, which is working quite well. More or less all test cases are automated, the wonderful [^] is used to let the automation framework talk to TestLink.

The proposed functionality of this feature request would facilitate the (automated) import of requirements a lot. Maybe in future the functionality to generate/update requirements can be added to the python client as well.

I think the requirements update/create/get functions would improve the usability of TestLink in scenarios where requirements are organized in an other tool, raising the need for some automated sync mechanism.

Best regards
2019-06-10 19:21   
can you company consider be the sponsor (make a donation) for this feature?