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0004574TestLinkRequirement Managementpublic2011-06-05 18:082014-08-19 19:42
2.0 Alpha 2 
2.0 Alpha 3 
mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.41, for Win32 (ia32)
Mozilla Firefox 4.0
PHP 5.2
0004574: Wrong redirection page in edit requirements page on cancel
If you start editing a requirement and click on cancel you are redirected to the a page that shows the following message: Your search delivered no results!

I found this bug during the tests for TestLink 2.0 (Buenos Aires), more exactly while I was executing test TL-274 - Do not update tree after every operation. However I believe this issue is not associated to the update tree feature, so I didn't link the test case in bplace TestLink with this issue (let me know if what I did was wrong, so I will add this issue to the test case in bplace TestLink and it won't happen again).
1. View a Requirement
2. Click on Edit
3. Click on Cancel
For what it is worth, here is the equivalent URLs in my machine for my steps to reproduce:

1. View a Requirement

http://localhost/testlink-ga-testlink-code/lib/requirements/reqView.php?item=requirement&tproject_id=2&requirement_id=12& [^]

2. Click on Edit

http://localhost/testlink-ga-testlink-code/lib/requirements/reqEdit.php [^]

3. Click on Cancel

http://localhost/testlink-ga-testlink-code/lib/requirements/reqSpecView.php?tproject_id=2&req_spec_id= [^]
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Thanks for the report.
2011-06-06 09:53   
Removed debug code and renamed view action. [^]