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0004330TestLinkBug Tracking Systems Integrationpublic2011-03-17 17:242013-05-22 20:55
HP 6830sWindows 7Ultimate
1.9 (Prague) 
1.9.7 (2013 Q2 - bug fixing) 
Postgresql / Oracle
0004330: JIRA - No description for relevant bugs
On any screen showing relevant bugs for a test case, I can see the bug(s) ID, but not the description.
I'm connected to JIRA 3.13.2 through database interface (not SOAP). JIRA database is Oracle.
1- Go to execute a test case.
2- Mark this test as failed.
3- Link an existing JIRA bug to this test case.
4- I can see the linked bug ID, but not its description.
I juts migrated from Testlink 1.8.4. It worked fine before migration.
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