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0004279TestLinkTest Specificationpublic2011-02-27 04:492011-03-18 19:08
1.9.1 (bug fixing) 
1.9.2 (2011 Q2 - bug fixing) 
mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.33
firefox, chrome
0004279: After copying test case user feedback at top of frame has encoded HTML
After copying a test case, a user_feedback message is displayed at the top of the frame. The message has HTML markup displayed to the user.
$TLS_tc_copied = "Test Case %s was successfully copied to
Test Suite %s";
(Note the line break HTML tag, sixteen other locales also have this so I assume it used to work in the past.)

In Test Specification, copy a test case.
Afterwards, in div at top of frame is the message:
Test Case TestCase_1 was successfully copied to
Test Suite MyTestSuite

View source:
Test Case TestCase_1 was successfully copied to
Test Suite MyTestSuite

Expected result is that tags in the string are not encoded and are left as regular HTML tags.
No tags attached.
png mantis.PNG (16,036) 2011-02-27 04:49
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2011-02-27 04:54   
Note that Mantis has interpreted the HTML line breaks in my 'Steps to Reproduce' so that there are literal line breaks displayed instead of HTML markup.
Refer to attached screen grab for obvious display of the problem.
2011-02-27 10:27   
This has been fixed for en_GB strings some time ago.

Now i removed the <.br> tag for all languages.

Master: [^]

Branch 1.9: [^]
2011-02-27 10:28   
Just as an addition hint:

Better use en_GB as this is always up-to-date (primary development language)
2011-03-18 19:08   
release - 1.9.2 - 20110320