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windows XP (client)Testlink deployed in Rhel5update4
1.9 Beta 6 
1.9 RC 1 
Firefox 3.x
0003818: Filtering Keywords on add/remove testcase is not working well
Hi there,

This ticket to track that the filtering on add/remove testcases (in a testplan) seems not working fine.
I've created several testcases (5 tests)
I've created a noreg keyword (for non regression)
I've assigned this keyword to 3 of the 5 testcases.

I've created a testplan.

When I try to add testcases into this new testplan, I can see the 5 ones.
When I select in the filter box (dropdown list) only the noreg and click on apply I get 0 results (I tried with both logical 'And' and 'Or')

I add a screenshot...
I'm logged in as admin role.
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duplicate of 0003814closed asimon 'And' doesn't work when filtering by keywords 
png screenshot01.png (20,743) 2010-09-30 15:13
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2010-10-01 06:59   
There has been a recent fix for the keyword filtering on CVS. See issue 3814.
I can not reproduce this bug on current code, so I think it has been solved with that fix.
Please wait for next available public release and then retest. Open a new issue if you should find that the bug is still persisting.
2010-10-09 08:00   
Release 1.9 RC1